Holiday Gift Suggestions Big and Small

I’ve got three gift suggestions – things that I have reviewed this year and really like. I thought I would share.

This first one is very inexpensive. Only $20 and you can find it cheaper than that on-line if you look. It’s a great stocking stuffer.

Energizer Dual Universal USB Charger It is a two port USB charger for the wall. Recharge your stuff without using those precious USB ports on your Mac. Here is the review link and it will tell you where to find it and it’s counterpart for the car.

Energizer Dual Universal USB Charger

On the other hand, this next one is anything but inexpensive, but well worth the price.

Waterfield’s Muzetto Bag  If you want to lay on the beautiful and useful then take a look at the 10-in Muzetto bag.

Made from naturally tanned leather in black or brown with several accent colors. The 10-in size works perfectly for an iPad. The strap will not slip off your shoulder. MSRP for the 10-in size is U.S.$199. Other sizes are also available. Review

Muzetto Bag

This last recommendation will make a great gift for a coworker or boss or anyone else you want to gift with a useful but not personal gift and they use an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

Just Mobile’s AluPen + AluCube 

It combines a large, easy to hold pencil-shaped stylus with a cool stand to hold it so you aren’t forever searching for your stylus. Both pieces are made from aluminum and are sturdy and attractive.  The MSRP for the set is U.S.$40. Review

Just Mobile's AluPen + AluCube

tip:  If $40 is too much, you can purchase the AluPen stylus by itself.  I found it on the Internet for around $16.

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