Finding The p-lists in Lion

One way to fix applications that were acting funky has been to go into the system library and delete the p-lists (preferences) for that specific application.

In Lion those files are hidden. They are hidden for a good reason. To protect us from ourselves. To many users were going into the library files and changing things they didn’t know anything about. Some of this behavior caused major calamities. Still, there are times when, if you know what you are doing, that you need to get to the p-lists so here is how to find them.

Make sure you are in the Finder and don’t have any application active. Close the application you are having problems with. Select CMD+SHFT+G and when the small window opens, enter ~/Library . The System Library Folder will open.

Find the folder that says Preferences. Open it and find the plist files that apply to your specific application. They will look something like: Changes are there are more than one per application. Pull all that are related to the problem application out of the file and discard them. Close the folder.

When you reopen the application the preferences will automatically repopulate.

If you are removing the p-lists remember to remove them all and remember you will have to reset the preferences for that application or action. I recently used this on a system preference when it stopped functioning properly and it solved the problem instantly.

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2 Responses to Finding The p-lists in Lion

  1. Nathan Lott says:

    Or hold down Option when clicking on the Go menu in the Finder and your Library will appear

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