Lion Mail Getting To You? Try This

The new version of Mail that came out with Lion still needs some “refining”. That translates to some aspects are driving me nuts. I love Mail, but I have had problems with the search features. I came up with a little trick to help me find emails from specific people. You are welcome to use it too if you think it will help.

It is a simple color coding of messages using the Rules Options in the Mail Preferences. Choose Mail > Preferences > Rules Tab, and click the Add Rule Button.

Mail Preferences Rules Tab

When you add a rule you usually choose to send specific junk messages to your Junk folder, but this time from the first set of options select “From” from the first set of options, then “Contains” and then the email of the person of your choice. If they have more than one email address click the + sign and add it as well.

Under the actions choices chose “Set Color” from the first list, “of background” from the second, and choose your color from the third. CLick OK. You will be asked if you want your rule to affect messages in your in box. Say yes or no and it is done.

Adding Rules

Now I can identify all the mail I get from Steve Sample, assuming I should ever get any mail from good ol’ Steve.

Finished Rule

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