Two Items – Same Name – One Folder – Solution

Here is the scenario – You are working on a project and maybe gathering a bunch of photos which you are sizing and naming and storing in a folder. Somewhere in the process you save one to the folder and you get a Dialog Box that says there is already an item with that name in the folder. It asks if you want to replace the old one with the new one. And you realize you mixed up your numbering.

So now you have to stop and do the whole renumbering bit because you need both the one already in the folder and the one you are trying to add. And those curse words you are mumbling are not fit for your children’s ears.

Well, in Lion there is a save. If you put two items with the same name in a folder the second one will just be saved with copy appended to it’s name. So you might have item 123 and item 123 copy. You have both of them and can straighten it all out in the next step of your project.

I love this feature.

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