Let Someone Put Documents In Your MobileMe Public Folder

I have to admit that although I knew how to put documents into my MobileMe public folder for other people to see, I could not figure out how to let them put things in the folder to pass along to me.

I was a bit red-faced when I realized the solution rested within the preferences since I am always preaching to others to be sure and set the preferences. The fact that I didn’t know they were there is a small excuse. I should have looked.

Anyway, it is a simple one step process for you and a two step process for them and a good way to pass along big files.

Of course, zipping those files helps.

Sign into your MobileMe account, open your Public Folder and click on the cogwheel to the left of your name. That will open the preferences screen. Put a check in the box next to “Allow visitors to make changes to your Public folder” and save the page. Your part is done.

Public Folder Preferences Screen

Your guests will access your page by entering http://public.me.com/yourname. They will see this window.

Guest Sign-in Window

They click on the upload button (red arrow) and the upload screen opens.

Upload Screen

They click the Choose button and find the item(s) they want to upload to your folder. They must click on them in their folder hierarchy, not as any icon image on their desktop. When they have them, they click the button to upload. On a Mac the button will say Open. Not sure what it might say on a PC.

Then they have to tell you the material is there because otherwise you will not know unless you are looking for it.

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