Sizing Columns

This tip is simple, but for those who have a gazillion things on their computers, it might prove to be very helpful. It has to do with resizing columns.
I have this one folder that is the equivalent of a kitchen junk drawer. I’m not proud of it and one of the days I will have time to clean it up – just like one of these days I will have time to clean up that kitchen junk drawer. But meanwhile, it has a lot of stuff in it.

The most efficient way for me to peruse items in that folder is in Column View. Snow Leopard users should already know that they can expand the columns to the width of the widest item in Column View by simply clicking on the little equal signs at the bottom of each row. Some people call those handles.

Column Expanders

In Lion, you can hold down the Option key while you click on any one of the equal signs and all of the columns will expand at the same time.

You also have the option of right clicking on any one of the equal signs (handles) and right-clicking. That will give you a contextual menu with the following options.

Contextual Menu

This trick works in iTunes, Mail and Numbers as well as in Finder.

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