Using All My Files Feature

Are you still trying to decide if you want to switch to Lion? All My Files is a new feature in Lion that you really might like.

Before you start using this, be sure to open your Finder Preferences (Finder > Preferences), click on the Advanced Tab, and make sure that “Search This Mack” is the option selected for “When performing a search:” If you don’t, it won’t work properly.

I like it because it helps me find my stuff fast, when I need it. I can sort by date, application, size, kind or label. I can find out if I have more than one copy of something. I can tell what items on my Mac take up the most space and I can look at items using icons, lists, or even cover flow.

All My Files is a new item in the Favorites list in a Finder Window. To open a Finder window click on the happy Mac face on your Dock or choose Command-N from your keyboard.

Favorites Window

To determine the organization presentation that you want select the new “Arrange” button from the Menu.

Arrange Button

When you click on the Arrange button you will get a list of options that allow you to choose how you want your information displayed. Play around with it and you will see how cool it is. I recommend you start in the icon view because that really gives you a good picture of what this new feature offers.

Options List

And, of course, you select the different views you want from the View Options buttons that are also found on the Menu Bar.

View Options Buttons

My favorite options are the “Date Last Opened” and “Application”, because they help me find things that I need quickly.

Here is a visual example of “Date Last Opened” using the icon option.

Date Last Opened View

Check it out if you already have Lion.

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