Upgrading To Lion?

I’ve installed the new operating system, Lion, on two MacBook Pro laptop computers, each with 4 GB of memory.

It has been a piece of cake.

Prior to installing I made sure I had OS X 10.6.8 installed. Lion won’t install on anything else. Then I opened Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) and ran a Repair Disk Permissions on my hard drive as a precaution. You don’t have to choose Verify Disk Permissions and then run the Repair. Running Repair both verifies and repairs at the same time.

Disk Utility Panel

With that done, I installed Lion. When you download the software from the Apple App Store it will download, but that is not the install. You will find the install in your Applications folder. If you want to make a back-up of the install do it before you start the install by inserting a thumb drive that will hold more than 4 GB of data and dragging the install icon to the thumb drive and letting it load.

Then you can click on the install icon in the Applications folder so the install can actually begin. Once your installation is finished, that install icon will disappear from your Applications folder.

Once I had Lion installed, I checked for updates (Apple Menu > Software Updates) and ran them. Then I checked for software updates a second time. Sure enough, there was another set of updates.

The last step was to run Disk Utility again just as a precaution.

Then I went through the System Preferences to see if I needed to update anything or make any changes. There were almost no changes or updates needed. Everything transferred perfectly.

Now I am all set and lovin’ Lion.

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