It’s Right In Front Of Me, But Where Is It Stored

I have a bazillian things on my Mac and I try, I really do, to keep them organized in folders. When I need something I usually search for it by name using Spotlight or Alfred, but doing that does not tell me where it is saved. Sometimes I need to know where something is saved. Particularly when I get ready to save it again.

So if you have a document open, here is a fast way to find out where you have saved it previously.

Right clicking the icon at the top of the window

Location Icon

reveals exactly where the file is saved. It’s handy for when you’re not sure where you’ve saved something and don’t want to search via Spotlight.

You will be able to see the exact path of the location via icons, no matter how deeply imbedded in your folder hierarchy it may be.

Location Hierarchy

This image shows that on my computer, within my hard drives user files, my home folders desktop, I have a folder named Documents and within that I have a folder named CapMacOfferStuff. Inside that I have a folder named Membership Lists, and inside that I have the 09 lists, and there my document of interest rests. Beats the heck out of looking for it.

Now, for those skeptics who ask why do you have to look for it when you have it open, I will reply that if you don’t know where you have it saved and you are making changes to it that you need in the near future, what you will probably do is just save a new copy to the desk top, thereby clogging up your computer with unnecessary stuff.

If you know where it is saved, you can make your changes and drag the original onto the desktop until you are finished with it.

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1 Response to It’s Right In Front Of Me, But Where Is It Stored

  1. Myron G says:

    Just discovered your blog yesterday, and I love it. Your article, “It’s Right In Front Of Me, But Where Is It Stored?” addressed that very annoying question I’ve had since converting from Windows to Mac a year ago. Until now I could not find any source to address this question. As a consequence I’ve lost control of many a file location.

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