A Hidden Quick Tip

There are certain keys on your Mac keyboards that are hardwired to complete certain tasks. By hardwired I mean you can’t change them. The F8 key is hardwired to automatically open iTunes. That, however, is overridden when you are actually listening to music. Then it functions as a pause key.

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2 Responses to A Hidden Quick Tip

  1. Hi Nancy–
    For me, in 10.6.7, I can use the Keyboard preference pane to set F8 to do various things. It doesn’t seem hard-wired to me. To really make it do what I want I use Spark, which is free, but the Keyboard preference pane is enough. I wonder what is different here compared to your machine. (My machine: iMac Intel, extended keyboard)

    • macnancy says:

      Hey Christian,

      I don’t know what is different except you know more about the workings of Macs than I do. I wasn’t aware that I could redirect F8. Thanks so much for the tip and for visiting my blog.

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