Sticky Notes – More Than You Thought

Do you use Sticky Notes? It has been part of the Apple operating systems for some time. The app works like paper sticky notes. Right now I have about 30 active notes. Some are tags that I have to use when I review products. Some are URLs that I occasionally need, some are even spelling words that I use frequently but can’t remember.

I don’t keep them open. I “roll them up” like rolling up a window shade. To do that just double click on the top bar of the note. The information on that bar tells me what is contained in the note. I don’t even keep the app open. I don’t want all those notes cluttering up my work space. I just keep the icon for Sticky Notes on my Dock and open it whenever I need to check something.

Here is a cool trick you can use with Sticky Notes. With Apple apps (Mail, Pages, Safari, iChat, and TextEdit, etc.) you can select a chunk of text and then choose “Make New Sticky Note” from the program’s Services menu. Sticky Notes will launch and create a new sticky containing your highlighted information.

If you create a Sticky Note first you can drag almost any kind of file into it for quick access. Even a Microsoft Word document. Even a Quick Time movie. Really.

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9 Responses to Sticky Notes – More Than You Thought

  1. WetcoastBob says:

    Didn’t know about services. Can’t get it to work. When I click on Services preferences I get Keyboard short cuts with Services highlighted.

    I am using a MBP 61 months old running 10.6.6.

  2. macnancy says:

    Hi Bob,

    If you are trying to create a Sticky Note you have to highlight some text before the “Make new Sticky Note” option will appear. Depending on what app you are in and what is on your page, Services will give you different selections of options.

  3. ssifineartgallery says:

    AHA!! Works. I don’t think I have ever seen a tutorial on Services. Not even on Can’t believe I’ve been a Power User for five years and never used Services


  4. Wendy Evenden says:

    Hi Nancy, For some reason your posts stopped showing up in my google reader, so I thought you weren’t writing any more. Glad to see you are, now I’m catching up. When I create stickies, where do I save them so they show up when I open the app in that cool window shade fashion? I just get a fresh one each time I click on it and have to go through finder to open the one I want.

    • macnancy says:

      Hi Wendy. Glad you found the blog again. I had to update to a new version of WordPress because of some problems with the previous version and that may have caused the problem you experienced. I’m not sure I understand your current problem with Stickies so I am going to contact you directly and see if we can solve it.

      • macnancy says:

        The solution to Wendy’s problem was simple. She was saving her Sticky Notes to a folder which is an unnecessary step. Once a Sticky Note is created it is automatically saved in the Sticky Note system and will be available each time the app is opened.

  5. Lynn Marie Lander says:

    Can I use a Stickie to annotate a document?

    • macnancy says:

      I am unaware of any way you can use sticky notes to annotate a document. You used to be able to annotate in Pages very nicely, but I’m not sure it is part of the new Pages. I’ll check it out and if I find anything I’ll let you know. You can annotate in Microsoft Word for Mac.

      • I would like to have a sticky note app attached to my desktop so I can use when needed. Mostly as
        reminders of “whatever” tasks. Can you help? Would appreciate it. THANK YOU. Mike Watkins

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