A Great Secret For Poor Spellers

I have never been a good speller. I don’t know if it is because I have a kind of brain damage from being a breach birth or if I’m just really lucky. The brain damage affects my ability to tell left from right and fear of having both my feet off the ground at the same time.

Whatever, I never won any of those spelling bees in school. For everyone who shares my spelling deficit there is a secret that a lot of people don’t know about. I just found out about it myself.

You can set some of your programs to correct words as you type. For instance in TextEdit, select Edit >Spelling and Grammar and put a check by “Correct Spelling Automatically”. Same thing in Pages.

But “Correct Spelling Automatically” only works if you can type in an entire word. What if you absolutely don’t have a clue how to get even close.

What I used to do is open Safari and go to Dictionary.com and click on Thesaurus and put in words that have similar meaning to try and find the correct spelling of the word I really wanted.

Here is the secret that you can use in any of the Apple apps (TextEdit, Pages, Mail, Safari).

Enter as many letters as you feel comfortable with and then hold down either the F5 key or Option-Esc. A list of words will appear. It may be a long list. If the word you want is there click on it and it will be entered in your document and you can keep on typing.

Here is an example. I need the word ‘attentively’. I type in ‘attent’ because I’m fairly sure that is correct. Then I hit Option-Esc. When I did I got the following list from which I clicked on my choice and kept going. I love this.

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