Make That Special Font Even More Special

Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 06:14 PM – Tips and Hints

Ya got your holiday cards. Ya got your party invitations. Ya got your wedding stuff. Ya got…. whatever. When you are getting that creative urge and want to design your own stuff, here is a little extra something that you can do to add that little extra edge to your project.

Many thanks to Jay Nelson who shared this with our MUG this month.

This trick doesn’t work with all fonts so you may have to experiment to see if it works with the one you want to use.

Zapfino is a popular font when you are creating something fancy.

Using the trick I am discussing you can turn the Happy Holidays above into one that looks like this.

All I did was change typography the of the first letter in each word.

Start by typing your words in the font you want to use. A good way to practice or experiment is to use TextEdit.

Once you have the words entered select Fonts > Show Fonts. Font Book will open.

Highlight the letter or word you want to dress up.

Then look at the bottom of the font book and find the little cog wheel. Click on Typography.

Look for Glyph Variants. If the font you have chosen offers glyph variants, then you can choose one of the 4 options and change the look of your text. To change a letter in another word, repeat the process.

That’s all there is too it, but it does give an extra edge of panache to your project.


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