iPhone Typing Tip For Those of Us Over Age 15

Friday, August 13, 2010, 12:16 PM – Tips and Hints
Posted by Administrator

If you are over 15 or don’t have someone near that age to teach you the iPhone tricks, here is a tip that will help make your iPhone typing easier. It has made my life easier since I tend to type using whole words and complete sentences, old fogey that I am.

If you have done much iPhone typing you knows that iPhone automatically corrects and suggests words as you type. To accept the suggested word, tap the space bar. Tap the “x” and it not only dismisses the suggested word, but it helps iPhone learn the word you typed.

The keyboard automatically inserts apostrophes into contractions. I was so glad to learn this one. No more switching keyboards.

And, perhaps my favorite tip of all, if you tap the space bar twice, it adds a period.

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