How Does iPhoto Work

Some dirtbag hacked my blog and it was labeled as virus infected.  Rather than go through the process of removing the label I decided to move the whole thing to a different blog software.  This decision was based on advice from people I respect who said my previous software was old and the hacking would probably happen again.  It has taken time to create the new blog and move everything, but for good or evil, I’m back.If you are new to your Mac and you want to get comfortable with iPhoto, I have posted a training movie that you may find helpful.  I made this for a class I taught this past weekend and it walks you through all the different elements of using iPhoto.  The movie is an hour and a half long, but can easily be stopped and restarted.  This movie was missing because the site on which it was stored shut down. I have found it and it is now available here.

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2 Responses to How Does iPhoto Work

  1. Terri says:

    I need help with iphoto and really look forward to reading your blog’s hints! I tried going to the link you have posted and am not able to open it up in Firefox. Where do you suggest I open up your attached recommendations?

    • macnancy says:

      Hi Terri,

      It should have automatically downloaded to your desktop, or wherever your downloads are deposited. If it is not there, we will try something else.

      Kind Regards,

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