Where To Find The Serial Number of Your Mac

Saturday, October 17, 2009, 12:48 AM – Tips and Hints

You can find the serial number of your Mac by looking under the Apple Menu, clicking on About This Mac, and then double-clicking on the words “version number”. They probably appear to be grayed out, but that doesn’t matter. Click on them anyhow. When you do, you will see the serial number of your machine.

Anytime you contact Apple for service needs for your machine you will need this information.

Also, anytime someone asks you how much RAM (memory) you have, you can find the answer to that in this same area. When you click on the Apple Menu and select About This Mac, you will find a line that says Memory followed by the amount of memory you have. It will say something like 2 GB or 4 GB or whatever your particular machine has. A GB is a gigabyte.


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