What To Do When Your Mac Freezes

Thursday, September 2, 2010, 10:39 PM – Tips and Hints

Sometimes your Mac will freeze on you. It might be because you are running an application that has bugs in it. It might be that you have too many applications open at once for the amount of memory that you have. It might be that there was a power surge. It might be that you have a problem with your Mac.

If this problem happens to you with any frequency you should get it checked out because with Macs it is not expected behavior. I have a Mac Book Pro and there are times that I have 8-10 applications open at a time because of work that I am doing and my machine has not had a freeze in the past 6 months.

But they do happen. Here are some ways you can get your Mac going again without doing damage.

Open the Force Quit Applications window so you can quit the frozen application without having to shut down your whole computer. Command-option-Escape.

Stop a Process. Command-period (.)

Force the computer to shut down. Hold down the Power button. Not your best option because it doesn’t allow the computer to go through all the usual shut down steps.

Quit all open applications and restart. Command-Control-Media Eject key. If you can’t find the Media Eject key look for it on the very top row of any Apple keyboard. It’s probably something you haven’t paid any attention to. It looks like a triangle with a line under it.


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3 Responses to What To Do When Your Mac Freezes

  1. Amierah says:

    Thank you, very helpful ^^

  2. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this.
    very interesting info . “The price of greatness is responsibility.” by Sir
    Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill.

  3. Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the golod spirit.

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