Using The Preview Bar In Mail

Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 11:59 PM – Tips and Hints

The built-in preview bar in Mail allows you to preview the content of your email without actually opening it. It allows you to quickly junk unwanted mail and avoid opening anything that might contain a virus. This is really important for the security of your Mac.

The preview bar looks like this:

You can easily move it up and down by placing your cursor over it and holding down the mouse button while you move it up or down. Until you actually click on, and open a message, nothing in it can harm your Mac. You can, however, drag attachments to your desktop while in preview mode if you choose to.

Personally, I never open an email unless I have previewed it first. I don’t actually bother opening messages unless I need to answer them. Preview saves a lot of time for me.


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