Three Cool Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 01:35 PM – Software

Following are three simple, applications that will make your Mac life easier. When you need them, you need them. When you don’t, you can forget about them.


AppZapper lets you throw away every part of an application when you decide to delete it. It hunts down all the places on your Mac that bits and pieces of an application are placed, gathers them up in a metaphorical dust pan, and tosses them all away. It does it with a drag and drop methodology. You open the application, drag the application icon from your Application Folder, and AppZapper does the rest. There is a disclaimer that it does not guarantee 100% success 100% of the time, but it beats anything you, as a beginner can do on your on. It sells for U.S. $12.95 and can be found at Having AppZapper makes it a lot easier and safer to try new applications to see if you like them.

Speed Download

Speed Download is fairly self explanatory. I love this application. It downloads and opens applications in the blink of an eye on my G4. It does other things as well, but the truth is I only use it for downloading. For those who only want it for that purpose there is a lite version available. The lite version sells for U.S. $20 and the full version for U.S. $25. You can find it at

Note: I purchased both of these apps as part of a bundled package at MacWorld. Look around on the Internet before you buy to see if you can find a deal.

BwanaDik 3.1

BwanaDik sits on your menubar and monitors your network for good connections. If the button is green, the connection is good. If it is red, the connection is bad. Think about how helpful this is. You don’t need me to explain it. Version 3.1 works with Leopard although I never had any problems with 3.0.4 working with my Leopard. This is very stable software. Not only that, it is free. Donations are accepted by developer John Schilling, but not required. You can find it at


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