The Path Bar

Saturday, March 6, 2010, 10:49 PM – Tips and Hints

To activate the Path Bar – while in the Finder Window choose View Menu > Show Path Bar. It will stay in active mode continuously unless you go back to the View Menu and hide it.

It shows up at the bottom of your Finder windows.

What it does is show exactly where a selected file is in your computer’s folder hierarchy.

You can drag files or folders into other folders shown in the path bar, so this is a good way to move files up to a higher level. You can also open any folder by double-clicking it in the path bar.

When I teach a class I like to remove any extraneous stuff off my desktop. It’s distracting and some of it is personal. If I am in a big hurry I don’t always put things where they are supposed to go. In this example “iPhone Tips” is supposed to be in a folder labeled Training. Obviously it was not there and when I looked for it, I couldn’t find it.

I used Spotlight to find it. When I clicked on the folder in Spotlight I got the Path Bar in the example above. I clicked once on the iPhone Tips folder in the Path Bar and dragged it to the Desktop folder.

Now it was on my desktop where I needed it to work on it, and when I finished I saved it to the Training folder where it belonged.

It’s a good tool and can help you stay organized, particularly if you have a lot of files on your Mac.


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