Some Things To Try When You Can’t Open E-Mail Attachments

Monday, December 14, 2009, 11:51 PM
  • You might not have the application that can open the files you
    receive. If you don’t have the application, ask the sender to
    send you the document in an application that you do have, or
    as a .PDF document. If the person sent a Word document from
    a Windows computer ask them to send the document again as
    a Rich Text Format (RFT) file.
  • Save the document to your desktop and see if you can open it
    from there.
  • If you receive a file as an attachment but you expect to see it
    displayed within the text, check the file type. A .PDF file that
    contains a single page appears within the body of the e-mail
    message. A multipage .PDF document appears as an
  • If you are using Mail, choose Mail > Preferences > Viewing.
    Click “Display remote images in HTML messages”.
  • Try forwarding, redirecting, or sending the message to yourself
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