Sign Up For An iChat Account – The Steps To Follow

Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 11:52 AM – Tips and Hints

An iChat account allows you to do free instant messaging, free long distance calling, free video conferencing or chatting, and file transfers. However, before you can do any of it, you have to have an account.

Here are the steps and at the bottom of this entry is a link to a movie that follows along with these instructions.

Open iChat (You will get a welcome screen

Click the “Get an iChat Account” button.

You will be sent to an AOL page. Although you are filling out information on this page, you are not creating an AOL account — just an AIM account. The field that is labeled “Desired Email Address” is where you put your desired screen name. You would only use it as an email address if you wanted to use it on AOL as well as iChat.

If the iChat name you want is taken you will have to keep trying until you enter something that no one else is using.

Finish answering all the questions on this page and hit the Submit button.

You are finished there. Go back to the Account Setup Window in iChat and enter the approved screen name (leave off the and your password. Write them down somewhere or enter them in Keychain. Click the Continue Button.

At the final window, which urges you to set up the preferences, click the Done button. When you do your empty buddy list will appear and you are on line and ready to chat as soon as you know the iChat ID of your friends and they know yours.

The movie is here

In my next posting I will give some suggestions for setting up iChat preferences.

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