Setting Preferences For iChat

Monday, August 2, 2010, 02:19 AM

To those who may have wondered where I have been, please accept my apologies. My father was seriously ill and then he passed away the middle of July.

Lets look at setting the preferences for iChat so that you get the most from iChat as promised in my last post.

To get to the 5 preferences in iChat, choose iChat > Preferences.

The first tab is General.

The Default IM application should be

The Settings will be of your choosing.

Fast switching refers to your ability to have more than one account on your computer and the ability to instantly switch from one account to another.

The last option on the page allows you to designate where any files you may be sent will be saved. Large files that often can not be sent by email can easily be sent using iChat.

The second tab is Accounts.

Obviously you have to enable the account to use it.

You probably want to enable the “Add new buddies …” as it is a helpful feature.

AIM Mobile Forwarding allows you to forward messages to your mobile phone through AOL.

This is also the window you use to add additional accounts (IDʼs) once you have an initial AIM registration. {click on the + in the bottom left corner to add an account}

The third tab is Messages.

This preference allows you to set font, font size, and colors that are most pleasing to you.

You can save copies of chat transcripts if you wish and set other preferences that meet your personal needs.

There is an option under the View menu in the tool bar that allows you to set how your messages will look, i.e., like quotes, like bars, etc.

Tonight I will cover the remaining two Preferences.


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3 Responses to Setting Preferences For iChat

  1. sandy says:

    Sorry for ur loss..god bless and may u hav the faith an strength..

  2. Romer galvez says:

    i love ichat

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