Setting Preferences for iChat – Part 2

Monday, August 2, 2010, 09:25 PM

Continuing with the discussion of setting the preferences for iChat so they meet your personal needs.

The fourth tab is Alerts.

There is a long list of things you choose to receive alerts for and how those alerts should sound. You choose your option from the menu next to “Event”. Unfortunately, you can only choose one. You can also choose the sound you prefer or choose not to have any sound, but rather have the iChat ion bounce in the Dock. That one drives me nuts, but other people like it. And for those who may have fond memories of “You’ve Got Mail” from AOL, you can choose “Speak an announcement”.

The fifth tab is Audio/Video.

This preference window allows you to make choices about internal and external microphones and to execute whatever settings need to be made.

Many people choose to use headphones and/or microphones when participating in iChat conversations, but there is no requirement that you do so, especially for a friendly, casual chat.

But if you are asked to participate in a podcast or to be interviewed you should, as a courtesy, use both earphones and a microphone. Otherwise there could be (probably will be) lots of ambient noise that will harm the broadcast.

Now you should be completely in charge of your own iChat account and know how to change it as needed. I hope you will enjoy it and use it often.

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