Set A Priority Level For Your Email Messages

Friday, February 27, 2009, 09:27 PM – Tips and Hints

When you Mail as your email application you can set a priority level for your messages. Your options are low, normal, and high. Once you activate this feature all of your messages will default to normal unless you mark them as low or high.

With Mail as the open application, click on the New Message button on the Toolbar (or press Command N) as if you were going to send a new message. Then find the Customize button to the left of the Subject field. This is the same button that lets you turn on the CC and Bcc address fields.

In this instance, you can also select the Priority Field.

Once you turn it on, you add a little box to the right of the Signature button.

You will note that it is automatically set on Normal Priority. To change it, just make your selection and the recipient of your message will know how you rank your message.


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