Safari 4 Beta – Increasing Font Size

Sunday, March 1, 2009, 05:53 PM – Tips and Hints

Many people don’t like to install beta versions of software. A beta version is software that is still in development. People who use it can expect to come across problems and are expected to report them to the developers so that fixes can be put in place.

Some people prefer to wait until all the bugs have been fixed before they install anything. Others, can’t wait to see all the new bells and whistles and are willing to work through the bugs to do so. Others like to be part of the process.

I like to know what all the bells and whistles are, but I usually wait to hear how things are going before I jump in the pool. I am not that skilled at fixing things if they go really bad. However, when I heard about the new features of Safari 4, which was released a few days ago, one in particular caught my ear and I decided I had to try it right away.

By-the-way, the beta version comes with an uninstall that will put everything back the way you had it before you installed it.

Here is my deal. Last Tuesday, Feb. 24th, I had cathartic surgery in my left eye. Ever since then, my eye and my brain have been arguing loudly about my ability to read. Neither is winning.

One of the new features of Safari 4 is the ability to set the font size of every thing you read on the internet. All you have to do is select Safari > Preferences > Advanced and enter a font size as illustrated in this image.

Close the window and your setting is saved.



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