Safari 4 and the Pseudo Spotlight

Thursday, July 16, 2009, 12:42 AM

You know how in Spotlight you can type just a letter or two and Spotlight will give you a list of options? Safari 4 offers a similar option. Instead of typing in a whole URL, try entering a few letters of the start of the address and see what happens.

In this example I just entered a “c” for CapMac (our local Mac user group) and I got a list of possible web sites as well as a list of possible choices from my bookmarks.

By calculation, I suppose, it automatically offers as my first choice, the web site, starting with a “c” that I visit most often, followed by other options.

I can narrow my choices by entering more than one letter and it stands to reason that this only going to work well for sites that I have previously visited or for book marks. Still, it is a great shortcut.

We won’t even mention what a help it can be if you don’t remember the URL in the first place. We will think positive.



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