Rebuild Your Mail Mailboxes

Friday, October 17, 2008, 11:17 PM – Tips and Hints

If you use the Mail application as your email program there is a quick maintenance step you should take periodically that will help keep your various email accounts in good order. It is really simple.

In Mail, click on the small triangle next to your Inbox so that it is pointing down. Doing so will reveal all your different email accounts. Even if you only have one you want to take this step because you want to be able to click on the email account itself.

So if your first email account is, you click on that name once to highlight it. Then select the Mailbox Menu and choose Rebuild. Depending on how many messages you have the process may take a few moments or a minute or more. Either way, everything gets put back in its proper place and your Mail app continues to run smoothly and your saved messages don’t get lost or garbled.

Do this step for each of your accounts.



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