Quick Tip Mostly Useful For Tables

Saturday, August 2, 2008, 07:56 PM – Tips and Hints

This trick should work in all applications that utilize text, even Microsoft apps. It will work on G4 machines and on Intel machines and I think it works on versions of the OS prior to Leopard. You will just have to try it out and see on earlier versions.

It is a one trick pony, but sometimes they are the best kind and the easiest to remember.

If you are creating a table there are times when you want words to be in a cell, but you need them to be on a specific line. You can’t hit the return key to make that happen because that takes you to a new cell. Therefore, if you enter a list of words in the cell they line up in random order, based on the size of the cell and no other criteria. See table one for an example. The problem with the arrangement in this table is that each flavor of ice cream needs to be on its own line so that the tally in the next cell (as illustrated in Table 2) can line up.

If this inventory is a free standing document then you have other options for lining everything up, but life is not always that simple. For benefit of this example, lets pretend this is one of those times.

The secret to making the flavors of ice cream line up properly is to put in a special return that forces the return. If you have a G4 or other pre-Intel machine try using the Control key + Return Key after the word. For Intel machines try using the Shift Key + Return Key after the word.

So once I typed the word Pecan, I hit Control Return and was able to then type Orange on the next line within the cell.

This trick works in any text situation, not just tables.



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