Quick Look is Cool

Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 01:39 AM – Tips and Hints

Quick Look is a cool little tool that is part of Leopard. It may have been included in Tiger, but if so, I was never aware of it. What it lets you do is get a quick look at one or more documents without opening them. It is a fast way to search for things.

Click on one item, or select several items. If you are selecting everything in a folder just click on one item and select Command + A. Everything in the folder will be highlighted (selected). If you want specific items click on the first one and them hold the Command key down while you click on each of the other ones that you want. They can be a mixture of items, text and image.

Now that you have your items designated you are ready for a quick view. You can select “Quick Look” from the File menu, or select the Command key + Y, but the fastest way is to just hit the space bar.

The first document in your selection will open up for a “quick look”.

In this example, I have several pages of receipts from a building project and I need to find the one that includes a product that I want to return.

The options at the bottom of the window allow me to view the pages as a slide show, open them all on one sheet, enlarge a specific page to full screen, or even to move a page to iPhoto.

Try this one, I bet you will find you use it a lot.


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