Protect the Life of Your Note Book Computer

Wednesday, April 16, 2008, 10:35 PM – Hardware

I started to write Laptop computer, but then I remembered that is not the politically correct term. The computer companies don’t like the word laptop because they don’t want to get sued if someone is stupid enough to leave their computer on their lap long enough to cause an injury. Bet you wouldn’t do that more than once.

That is off topic though. The real purpose of this entry is to emphasize the importance of using a stand of some kind when using your note book computer. Today’s computers are powerful and they can run hot. Running hot will shorten the life. There have been several documented incidents of note book computers bursting into flame. Granted they were almost always PCs and not Macs, but Macs can overheat too. It is so much easier to just use a stand.

Besides, it is better on your back and shoulders to elevate the desk top. The very best assortment of stands on the market, in my opinion, are made by LapWorks. I have reviewed several of their products in my column and have found them to be consistently outstanding. My favorite is the Ataché because it has built-in fans that absolutely keep your note book running cool. It is not something you would carry around with you though. It is for use on your desk. They make several other options that are light weight to carry with you.

If you don’t already have a stand that you like I encourage you to at least check out their options. You won’t be sorry.

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