Print Out Your Font Catalog

Saturday, October 3, 2009, 09:57 PM – Tips and Hints

It is possible to print a comprehensive preview of all or part of the fonts on your Mac. Some people may need this to show clients what their font options are when designing projects. Others may just want a printed resource so they don’t have to look up the list every time they feel creative.

Open the font book (it is in your Application Folder)

Click on All Fonts and in the middle column you will see a list of all your fonts.

If you want to print them all, click on one and then select Command + A to select everything at once. If you want to print a specific selection then select them by clicking on the first one you want and then holding down the Command key as you click on each one you want to add. Your choices will all be highlighted if you do it correctly.

Then, select File menu > Print > and select report type
There are three report types to choose from and if you put a check mark in the box next to “Show Family”, the report will include every version of each font (i.e., regular, bold, italic, condensed light, etc.). There is also an option that allows you choose the font size you want in your print out. All the paper size options are available for you as well.


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