Paste Text Into Mail The Way You Want To

Monday, October 12, 2009, 12:05 AM – Tips and Hints

These three short tips will help save you some time when composing messages using the Mail email application. Perhaps even save you some frustration.

To paste text into your message so that it retains its original format choose Edit > Paste. That simply means it may or may not match the font you are using in your message.

To paste text so that its format matches the text around it, choose Edit > “Paste and Match Style”. (This works in other Apple apps also.)

To paste text with a single quote bar to the left of the text, choose Edit > “Paste as Quotation”. You would use this if you were quoting from a previous email or referencing a previous discussion. Some people like to respond to long messages by quoting the portion of the message they are responding to above their response. It keeps everything nice and tidy.

Here is an example of these three styles.

Mail has a number of really cool components and I am always surprised when I discover Mac users who haven’t made the switch to Mail.


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