Notes From Macworld

Sunday, February 14, 2010, 11:19 AM

Some final thoughts from Macworld as I prepare to fly home to Texas. Actually I hope I get to fly home, considering all the problems folks in the east have had. It is so easy to become isolated from the real world when at a convention, but I know flights have been cancelled and delayed so we shall see.

Final thoughts on San Francisco. San Franciscans love to eat good food and they sure know how to cook it. I only argue with one thing, strictly from the point of view of a Texan you understand, they don’t quite understand the fine art of creating barbecue sauce.

There are so many product ideas in my head that it will take awhile to sort them out and review them, but a couple come to the top. Scosche has two new products designed for the traveler or anyone else who has to carry their computer from place to place.

The first is the flipSYNC – USB 2.0 charge and sync cable for iPod and iPhone. It attaches to your keychain and flips open for use. It’s priced at $19.95.

flipSYNC Open

flipSYNC Closed

The second is the Docking travel charger with nightlight for iPod and iPhone. It is priced at $24.99.

Docking Travel Charger

The Scosche web site is

The second product of interest is iPhone apps that allow you to send photo postcards. These appear quite sophisticated and easy to do. I visited with two developers and at this point, of course, have not tried either product, but if you want to check them out the two are:

Postage from RogueSheep
and Postcard Express from frogdesign

The third is also an iPhone app. This one is called Reto Recorder. It allows you to record conversations and events using your iPhone. According to the representative at Macworld this product provides better quality recording than the recorder that is included with the iPhone package. I don’t know, but at $1.99 I think I will try it out. The app is called ALX and the web site is

I’m off to the airport with positive thoughts.


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