Notes From Macworld 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010, 01:32 AM – Misc

From San Francisco – Macworld 2010. Day 1 Observations

The wifi connection in my hotel is really, really slow. Reminds me of dial up. Must have something to do with 35,000 Mac users in town. Speaking of which, there were only 300 less people in attendance today than there were the first day of last year’s Macworld. Vendors on the show floor were caught totally off guard and were calling in reinforcement staff to help with the crowds. There were less give-aways. No free tote bags at the door, no free pens in all the booths — economy measures are evident everywhere (there aren’t even free lunches in the press room), but attendees are buying.

The new products I have seen are awesome and I will mention some of them tomorrow when I have time to pull info together. This morning we heard David Pogue speak and what a hoot he is. I had no idea he was such a performer. He performed several parody songs that I understand are available on uTube. One makes fun of long waits for phone tech support, another is about wanting an iPhone. He also held a contest on Twitter for fake iPhone apps and shared some of them – such as an app that lets you watch paint dry. Ten years ago he wrote a column based on the movie I’t A Wonderful Life in which he starred Steve Jobs instead of George Bailey – showing how bad things would be if there had never been an Apple Computer. David turned it into a play and had several people act it out on stage. The part of Steve Jobs was played by the actor LaVar Burton.

The next big event was a preview of six outstanding products. Again I will talk about a few products tomorrow, but I will say now that the one thing I have observed about this whole conference is that there are a lot of little companies with innovative products that are really exciting.

Paul Kent with IDG, the company who puts on Macworld, has done an outstanding job of creating the “new Macworld” and it is great to be here and be part of the action.

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