Notes From Macworld 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010, 06:06 PM

From San Francisco – Macworld 2010. Day 2 Observations

I haven’t figured out why I attend a year’s worth of parties in 4 nights. It could be that I am surrounded by fun people that I like and good music that I enjoy (especially The Atomic Love Bombs band that features The Mac Observer’s own Bryan Chaffin – you guys were awesome), but deep down inside I know it probably is a comment on my social life as a whole. Whatever, the parties are a fun part of Macworld, but the products are even more important.

Reviews will follow as they always do, but there are some that I think are worthy of a web site visit, so a quick discussion of each.

NAVIGON 1.5.0 Software

I have covered NAVIGON before and anyone who knows me personally knows that I think this is the greatest iPhone app going because it keeps me from getting lost. You can read my review here.

NAVIGON AG, has introduced three updated features to it’s GPS system for the iPhone. The first is an in-app connection to Facebook and Twitter, the second is Panorama View 3D with 3D terrain views powered by NASA data, and the third is personalized route delivery via NAVIGON MyRoutes, an intelligent direction provider.

The connection to Facebook and Twitter allows a user to broadcast current position, destination and ETA without navigation interruption.

The Panorama View 3D uses digitized cartography that delivers an accurate depiction of environment and landscapes using NASA’s height and terrain data, independent from the phone’s data connection.

My Routes analyzes individual driving data and designs customized routes, giving up to 3 choices with distance and ETA displayed in-map for each.

Special pricing is in place until Feb 15. Check their web site.


YAPPER stands for Your APP makER. This company has been in business for two months and the owners were almost overwhelmed with the interest they were getting at the show. They create an iPhone app for you or your business and get it through the Apple approval process and posted to the App store. It seems incredibly easy to do and you use your own company or organization logo. The regular price is $499, but the show price is $99. I will be reviewing this product in full very soon, but if you want to check it out now, go to their web site.

Power Outlet: U-Socket, Dual Socket/Dual USB 110V

This product won’t be released until the second quarter but can be pre-ordered … cts_id=458 now at the introductory price of $19.95.

Simply put, once installed you have two USB sockets added to your normal electric sockets. The company representative assured me it was very easy to do and that I could do it following the easy instructions and the on-line video. I said uh-huh out loud and “That’s why God gave me children.” to myself and ordered three.

These are today’s recommendations for us regular folks.


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