No Internet Connection – What Are My Options

Monday, July 28, 2008, 06:34 PM – Tips and Hints

A member of my family is seriously ill and as a result I have to be away from my home for several days at a time. This situation will continue for an indefinite period.

At home I have very fast internet connection and I am on my Mac several hours a day. It is my primary method of communication. In the particular situation mentioned above there is no internet connection available in the home at all.

What are my options? There could be neighbors who would allow me to hook into their networks. I could leave and find a coffee house or McDonalds or some other public place offering free Wifi (free internet connection). I could have internet service installed in the home of my family member.

None of these are viable options. The neighbors don’t have internet, I can’t leave the house for any length of time, and installing internet in the home is an unnecessary expense.

I solved it by signing up for a dial-up service that will allow me to connect to the internet anywhere there is a phone line. Warning, before you do this make sure the company you choose offers free calls in the area where you need to use it. Their web site will give you all that information.

I choose Net Zero, but there are several options available. The cost for Net Zero is $9.99 a month. There is no contract. I set it all up from my own home, using my fast connection, and now, when I need to get online at my family member’s home, I just plug into their phone line and dial up. I stay on-line long enough to take care of business and then get off because as long as I am on-line I am tying up their phone line.

Another caution. The newer model Macs – the Intel models don’t come with phone plugs. If you consider this as a solution to a problem you will have to purchase an external modem to use with your Intel Mac.



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