My Thoughts On The Future of Macworld and More Product Reviews

Monday, January 12, 2009, 09:31 PM

I will add my two cents worth to the discussion about the future of Macworld.
I think it should continue. I hope it will continue. I think it can be perfectly valuable without the presence of Apple as long as the rest of the participants continue to come.

At first reading that might sound a bit trite, but personally I never visit the Apple booth at the show. I can see all that stuff when I get back home. I want to see all the new stuff that I can’t see anywhere else. I want to meet the people who write the books I read, talk to the people who develope the software I use, and make contacts that will help me in the future.

As Paul Kent, a Vice President with IDG, the company that actually puts on the event pointed out, 90% of what we see in the trade show is not available in the Apple stores. And that doesn’t cover all the training that takes place, some of it free from the vendors themselves.

You can register right now for right now for the Macworld 2010 tradeshow for free. Obviously, this is an effort on behalf of IDG to assure vendors that plenty of people will be attending next year’s show, which will be held January 4-8, 2010 in San Francisco.

SENA Cases

Lots of companies make “i” cases. If you have an “i” product you know that. I didn’t count the number of booths selling or showing cases, but it was more than two dozen. A couple stood out of course.

Last year I mentioned SENA cases in a column and I am doing so again. They stand out on a couple of levels. They are made of real leather and offer hand made designs and craftsmanship. When I say hand made, I mean that literally. A craftsman hand-stitched a case for me, in a leather of my choice, while I waited. This feature will shortly be available on their website along with their other products. If you want a case that says style and class you should check out their stuff.

Theft Protection

Orbicule, a new company from Belgium, introduced a product at Macworld that promises to help recover your Mac if it is stolen. Unlike other theft protection software, this is Mac specific.

The company promises to track your Mac, transmit screenshots of locations, and take screenshots of users. If initial recovery efforts fail, the software can simulate a hardware failure. When the Mac goes in for repair it will be found that way. MSR is U.S. $49.00 for a single user license, $59.00 for a household of 5 licenses, or $249.00 for a site license. Educational discounts are available

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