Move Your Eudora Email Information To Mail

Saturday, July 12, 2008, 12:42 AM – Tips and Hints

A friend of mine used Eudora as her email application. She wanted to switch to Mail, but she didn’t know how to transfer her email list from Eudora to Mail. She asked me how to do it. Guess what, I didn’t know how either. It took awhile, but I downloaded it and figured it out.

Of course, the basic concept that confuses a lot of us is that you aren’t moving anything to Mail. You are moving your information to Address Book. Mail gets all its information from Address Book because the two work in harmony. It is part of the beauty of the Mac operating system.

So here is how you make the transfer happen between Eudora and Leopard.

In Eudora, click on the grouping that holds the listing of names that you want to move. It can be all or part of the names from your Eudora set.

From the File menu, select “Save As”. You are only given one option. You will save the document as a .cvs. That is a text file. Save it somewhere convenient like your desktop.

Now open Address Book and select File > Import > Text File > the file you saved.

Instantly the data from your Eudora address book will be entered into Address Book. When I tried it the only problem I encountered is that the street address did not transfer. So far I have not solved that problem and it could be a big problem if you have hundreds of records, but the rest of it was quick and fast.


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