More on System Preferences – Date and Time

Monday, May 19, 2008, 09:45 PM

The Date and Time System Preference can seem fairly standard. What? It’s the date and time!

But beginners should take the time to check out the options available to them. The options under the tab “Clock” allow you to first decide if you want the date and/or time to appear in your menu bar and second if you do, what attributes do you want it to have.

I personally can’t get along without having both the day of the week and the time displayed in my menu bar, but to each his own if you choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Date & Time > Clock tab, you can uncheck the box next to “Show date and time in menu bar” and it will not be shown.

If you do want it included then you can choose to have it displayed as digital or analog, have the seconds included with the time, have it show AM/PM (for those of us who don’t know if we are coming or going), have the day of the week displayed, have the time separators flash, or even use a 24-hour clock.

You also have the option of having the time announced verbally at intervals of your choosing and you can choose the voice that will be used to announce the time.

Oh, and it is quite important that you click on the Date & Time and Time Zone tabs and set the time accurately for your part of the world. Those maintenance scripts that I wrote about in an earlier blog are set to run at specific times of the night. Not only that, but when you you sent out emails your messages will show the time you sent them based on the time set on your Mac. I well remember being made fun of by someone because I did not have my date and time set properly and all my email messages seemed to have been sent out in the 1970’s.

He did it in a meeting. In front of about 20 people. Too bad for him, a few weeks later I was his boss.


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