More Macworld Products

Sunday, January 11, 2009, 05:26 PM

One of these days I’m going to get a new Mac. Of course, if I didn’t do things like got o Macworld that day would come a lot quicker. Why do I feel compelled to share this bit of personal information?

It has to do with the lack of Macworld update information that was promised, but not delivered on this blog earlier this week.

FIrst I didn’t have Internet connection in my hotel. That was OK, said I to myself, I would write at the convention center. They the battery on my G4 died. The Media Room at the convention center is a VERY busy place and electrical outlets are scarce.

Better late than never, here are a few of the cool products I saw.

Back-up Battery
The RichardSolo 1200 Back-up Battery for the iPod or iPhone works for everything except the iPod Shuffle. It charges at either a USB port or a wall charger that is included. It is very small – 3″ x 2″ x .5 and it snaps into your iPhone or iPod when your battery is low (like when you are stuck in the LA airport 4.5 hours and play games on your iPhone because you are bored.) This is not a brand new product and they have an additional version of it, the 1800, that is even more powerful, but for the average user the 1200 is more than sufficient. The MSR is U.S. $49.95. You can find it here

BudFits by Innovilis are a new product. Only U.S. $8.99 MSR, they are soft rubber pieces that fit over your ears and hold the standard issue iPod earbuds in place. See the image below to see how they work. You don’t have to stuff anything in your ear canal, and according to the company, they hold the buds in place during physical activity, including running. They come in white, clear, and black.

The Musical Keyboard
Verbatim was demonstrating a keyboard that contains an integrated dual speaker system that offers stereo sound and backlighting. It also offers built-in sound controls (muting, volume adjustment, play pause, and stop, and previous and next track control.) Another feature is a mini-microphone that is compatible with Skype. Microphone and earphone jacks are included on the back of the keyboard. It requires OS X 10.4 or greater. The MSR is U.S. $79.99.

The Camera Keyboard
Kensington is coming out with a new bluetooth keyboard mouse set they call the Photo Sync Desktop Set. It contains an interesting new feature. Right on top of the keyboard is a camera download connection. You just connect your camera and you have instant download capabilities. The product should be available for review in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Slim Blade Track Ball
The company was also showing off it’s new ultra track ball called the Slim Blade that should grab the attention of any track ball fan. The bal itself has the look and feel of marble, but the secret “ingredient” for lack of a better term, is the fact that the ball rests on three points that are made of rubies. The staff at the show stated that these points will never wear out. You can get more information about this product, which is listed at U.S. $129.99 MSR here.

Check back tomorrow for more products.


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