More About Presenting To Switchers

Thursday, July 10, 2008, 12:01 AM

On July 1st I wrote about preparation for a couple of presentations I am giving to groups of PC users. The topics, of course, pertain to using Macs.

I wrote a piece about it in the column I write for The Mac Observer called “Computing With Bifocals”. [Click on Features to find a list of all the columnist and links to their columns.] I listed the things I thought were important to cover, but also noted that I haven’t used a PC in over 5 years so I wasn’t sure I was remembering everything I should be remembering. I invited readers to make suggestions.

the column was published late yesterday and I have spent today answering emails from thoughtful readers who had suggestions. At last count around 20 have done so and I appreciate every one.

Here are some of their great ideas. The first is something I didn’t know about. Two special tutorial links on the Apple web site. One for computer beginners, and the other for people switching from PCs to Macs

The rest of these are those little things that can become a brick wall if you don’t know about them. So here are four special tips for switchers all courtesy of TMO readers.

When you download an application you will get a disk image (.dmg) that will appear on your desktop or in your download folder. Many previous Windows users have clicked on the disk image icons and run the applications from that. Doing so does not install the application and as soon as you restart your machine for any reason your application will be lost. Drag the .dmg icon to your Applications folder to complete the installation process.

Use the Command key + the “C” key to copy. Use Command + “V” to paste. Use Command +”X” to cut. Use Command + “Z” to undo. Use Command + “A” to select all. Of course, you must highlight as well.

Mac users drag and drop files and folders to move them within the same volume or copy them from one volume to another. Windows users copy and paste to move them. On a Mac, when a folder is moved to a different location where there is a folder by the same name already in existence, the Mac will warn that it already exists and ask if you want to replace it. The Windows user expects the contents of the two folders to be merged. Switchers need to be aware of that important difference.

You can enlarge the image on your desktop (and return it to normal size) by holding down either the Option, Control, or Command key while you roll the scroll wheel on your mouse. You have to designate one of those keys. To do this you have to go into the Preferences and set it up. Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse. Put a check in the box next to Zoom using scroll ball while holding – and then choose your key from the menu choices. Be sure to also click on options and set them or you won’t know how to control the monster once you have it working.


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