Make Text Larger On the Internet

Sunday, April 27, 2008, 11:08 AM – Tips and Hints

If you have trouble reading text on-line and you are using a Mac, there is an easy, quick, temporary solution. I can’t control the size of the text in this blog. If I could I would make it a font size larger. I’m blind as a bat. (That is why my column is called “Computing With Bifocals”) I have to use this trick to proof read my own writing. Anyhow, it works and you might find it helpful as well. You need to be using a mouse to use this trick.

It works in Leopard and I think it works in TIger as well. Hold down the Control key and scroll with the scroll button on your mouse. Scroll up to make the text larger, down to make it normal size again. With a Mighty Mouse you can also scroll left and right if needed.

If You would rather set the text to always be bigger you may so do so by adjusting a preference setting if you use Safari as your web browser. The down side is that you will have to scroll up and down pages more, but if you have to do that to be able to read, then it is probably worth it.

Choose Safari > Preferences.
Choose Advanced.
Select the checkbox “Never use fonts smaller than” and choose the font size you want from the menu.

You will see the font change on the page you are reading.
Close the window and the preference will be set.

If you are reading a page where the text is displayed as a graphic the text size may not change because you are actually looking at a picture. When that happens, you can always use the method noted above. It always works.


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