It Keeps Turning and Turning and Turning

Thursday, August 14, 2008, 08:34 PM – Tips and Hints

You insert a CD or a DVD in the slot. It doesn’t open. It keeps making noises like it is trying to open, but nothing happens. Pretty soon it starts to sound like it is going to take off. Is your computer overheating? Probably. How do you eject it? You can’t drag it to the trash or even choose Force Quit because the system doesn’t recognize that a CD or DVD is in place.

Fortunately you are using a Mac so there are not one, but two solutions.

The easy one is to Press the F12 key. The only problem you might have with this is if you have assigned it some special assignment for something else on your Mac.

The second option is to hold down he mouse button while restarting your computer.

Why does it happen? It could be a bad disk. It could be a dirty disk. It could be that your slot needs to be cleaned. Let a professional look at it, you can’t clean it yourself. The most probable answer is a bad disk. Try inserting another disk to check and see. It is not uncommon for a brand new disk to be bad.

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