Important Email Courtesy

Saturday, September 6, 2008, 12:45 AM – Tips and Hints

The presidential race is in full swing as we all know and it reminds me of a basic issue related to sending email messages.I am a registered voter and today I got an email from the new precinct chair for my area.

Unfortunately she forgot, or more likely did not know, a basic protocol that she should have followed when sending out a group email. She entered the email address of each recipient in the “To” field of her message. That means that every recipient of her message instantly had access to the email address of every other recipient of the message.

Within an hour of receiving her perfectly appropriate message, we also received a long unpleasant rant from someone who does not like the chosen nominee of our party who decided he had an obligation to tell us, in great detail why that was so.

Now the precinct chair has a bunch of people, including me, angry at her, all wondering what other weird email we are going to receive and where our email addresses are being sent.

All of this could have been avoided had the chair followed a basic protocol of sending group email messages. You should always send the message to yourself and blind copy everyone else. That protects your recipient list and also lets you know your message went out.

When using Mail to send your email you would simple put all the email addresses into the field labeled Bcc: If you can’t find that field (it is not uncommon for it to be hidden), click on the box that the cursor is pointing to in this example. When the window opens, Click on Bcc: and it will open for you.



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