How To Retrieve A CD or DVD That Won’t Eject

Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 12:11 AM – Tips and Hints

Sooner or later you will insert a CD or DVD into your computer that you won’t be able to retrieve. This can happen because the disk is not clean or because the disk is corrupted. The normal way to eject them is to select “eject” from the File menu or to use the drag and drop technique to drag the disk icon to the trash.

When things go bad you may hear noises that indicate the computer is trying to eject the disk, but, although the noise continues, nothing productive happens. Sometimes, it sounds like a helicopter taking off.

The usual techniques for ejection don’t work because the system doesn’t recognize that a CD or DVD is in place. Not even Force Quit will help for the same reason. By the same token, simply restarting your computer doesn’t even help. What’s a person to do?

Fortunately, you actually have two options.

If you have one on your keyboard, you can press the F12 key.

You also can hold down the mouse button (left one on a two button mouse) while starting your computer.

Don’t you just love your Mac?



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