How To Get Your iPad Calendar Back

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 12:56 AM – Tips and Hints

In the past few days many people who use iPads have lost their calendars. There is a reason and there is a solution. First the solution.

Remember the good old days when MobileMe creating ‘syncing for the rest of us’?

No cables, no muss, no fuss — just entered your MobileMe account information, flipped a few colorful switches and you could (usually) flawlessly sync mail settings, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks.

With the trial of a new design and structure in MobileMe calendars, came a surprise for many folks — their iPad Calendars no longer work. And despite hours of the traditional fudging, and fumbling — nothing seems to correct the ‘missing sync’.

Sync is still there — but it’s been moved to an unfamiliar place, and it’s no longer as easy as throwing a blue switch under your MobileMe account in Mail Settings. Follow these quick steps and you can get every thing in place.

Step One: On your iPad, go to Settings > Mail,Contacts, Calendars. Then at the bottom of the ACCOUNTS panel, select ADD ACCOUNT. That brings up a new window.

Step Two: At the very bottom of this new window, select OTHER.

Step Three: You can now choose to add several types of accounts: mail, contacts, or CALENDARS. Under Calendars, select to create a CalDAV Account.

Step Four: A sync window will open. To Sync to your MOBILEME account fill in the blanks as follows:

Username: mobilemenamehere
Password: yoursecretpassword
Description: whatever you need to remind you

When you save these settings, MobileMe will verify your information and magically, your Calendars will appear just as they always did and they will sync perfectly.

Why Did Apple Do This?

The old Calendar system is an Apple format and could not easily exchange calendar data, invitations, and sync with other systems, servers, and platforms. CalDAV is the new standardized exchange format for calendaring worldwide. It is an open standard and everyone is moving to it.

It will easily let you share or subscribe to any number of calendars. You can control access, delegate actions and all sorts of nifty stuff.

But to give us all this power, Apple needed to implement some awkward changes in how CalDAV is set up. In the long run, this will all be a good thing.

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