How To Find Something When You Are In Panic Mode

Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 11:37 AM – Tips and Hints

For three weeks I have been getting ready for this meeting. At last everything is ready. I can relax. I don’t have to leave for an hour. I have plenty of time to get dressed.

Oh no! I forgot the script for the Installation of Officers. It’s on my computer somewhere. I haven’t needed since last December. What did I name that document? It should be filed in the folder with all the other MUG business stuff. Why can’t I find it? Where would I have put it? Can I make up a new one? I don’t have time, plus the board already approved the one I have.

Calm down. It is time for the Command + F search.

While in Finder, hold down the Command + the F key and you will get the search window that will conduct a search in much more depth than Spotlight because it gives you the option of taking your search down as many layers as necessary.

I started out by doing a word contents search for “Induction”. I got 250 responses. At that point I took advantage of the option to refine my search. By clicking on the + button (see the arrow in the illustration) I opened an additional set of criteria that reduced by options to 157. A third search reduced them to 41.

At this point, I realized that my document was not turning up and I needed to start over with a new search. I changed from “Induction” to “Board” and found my document in seconds.

My panic mode was controlling my brain. Thank goodness for the deep search capabilities that saved me in spite of myself.

My problem was that I was not doing a proper match. The title of the document was not mentioned within the document content.

The Command + F search is one of the hidden goodies of OS X. Unless you are extremely organized you will be glad you have it.


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