How to Create a Zip File

Monday, December 1, 2008, 09:20 PM – Tips and Hints

My friend Craig asked me to send him a folder of holiday icons for a project we are working on. I said sure and I dropped the folder into an email and sent it on its way. He wrote back and said the folder was empty. When sending something like icons I needed to zip the file first.

OK. So how do you do that on a Mac I asked. Fortunately, it is quite simple.

Right click on the folder. Depending on which version of OS X you using you either find an option to “Archive” or “Compress” the items in the folder. If your folder is named Holiday Icons and you are using Leopard your option will read “Compress Holiday Icons”.

That lets you know that everything inside the folder will be zipped. A new folder will be created and saved adjacent to the original folder. The new folder will have .zip after the name.

Now you can drag that new folder into an email document and send it on its way.


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