How To Copy and Paste on Your iPad

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 03:36 PM – Tips and Hints

First the basics, then a cool tip.

It is easy to copy and paste on your iPad even though you might have to close one application and open another to complete the process. For instance, you might want to copy something from an email message and then paste it into a Pages document.

To copy or Cut

Find the information you want to copy or cut and tap twice on a word. This option window will open

letting you select copy or cut as your choice. If you want to copy or cut more than just one word, use the little blue handles on each end of the word and drag them to encompass everything you want included. When you have your selection made, tap on the word Copy or Cut in the option window and that step will be complete.

To Paste

If you are moving text within the same document, just place your cursor at the insertion point, double click again, and the paste option window will open.

Tap on Paste and the information will be inserted.

If you are moving text into a different document in the same application, open the document and follow the same steps as noted above to paste.

If you are moving text into a document in a new application, close the application from which you copied and open the new application. Start a new document or open an existing document. Follow the same steps as noted above to paste.

Everyone got that. If any of it is not clear, please let me know.

Here is the secret tip. I found out that if you are using the iPad and working in Pages you can quickly highlight a whole paragraph for copying or cutting by tapping within the paragraph 4 times instead of tapping a word twice. I tried doing the same thing in Mail, thinking it would work on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well, but was never able to make it work. If someone does make it work, please let me know. I expect this works in other applications besides Pages.


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